Room Addition: Steps that make building onto your home simpler and safer

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(ARA) - It's the time of year to finish all the projects around the house that you put off all summer to go to the lake. Regardless if it is finishing a new deck, renovating the kitchen or building a new garage, it needs to be finished before winter hits. You will need to take a few easy steps in order to start - and  finish - the job.

Rules and regulations: Check with your city building inspector to find out whether your project needs a permit within city limits. In most cases, if it is something minor, such as renovating the kitchen or building a deck, you might not need a permit.
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But if you are putting an addition on the house or adding a new garage, a permit is usually required. In general, the law states that you do not need a permit unless you are changing your old foundation or pouring a new one. So before you start building, make sure you contact city officials to ensure that what you are doing is allowed or that you have a permit for the project. Otherwise you could be in big trouble with the law.

Have a plan: When you start to build, make sure you have a plan and blueprints. Have a checklist of what needs to be done before you start your task. It is an easy reminder and helps you keep track of what you need and what is going on. Blueprints are also needed if you are planning on renovating. The blueprints are your step-by-step guide for building your project. Without good blueprints, the work may not be up to code, could be unsafe or will be a huge hassle to build because everything won't fit together properly.

Proper equipment: When you are working on a project, you need to make sure that you are using the proper equipment. You can't use a waffle-headed hammer on trim work and you can't use pin nails on frame work. You even need the proper equipment for transporting your lumber and ladders home from your local hardware store. For example, you will not be able to fit 16-foot boards into the bed of your pickup. But don't worry - there are tools for that too.

Access, a division of Agri-Cover, Inc., makes the Adarac truck bed rack system for your pickup for those extra long loads. This truck bed rack has trouble-free stake pocket installation, fits inside the rail tonneau cover and can be easily removed. The Adarac sits neatly behind the cab, and is capable of carrying a 500-pound load with ease. Eyelets secure your load so you don't lose it while going down the road.

Safety: Safety is key when you are doing any kind of handiwork. Make sure you go through all precautions and safety issues before you start. Even when you are just digging in the ground, make sure you know where your gas lines and any buried electrical wires are located. Always be mindful when other people are around you to ensure that you do not harm anyone. Make sure you know how the tool you are using works and what you need to do to be alert when using that particular tool. Make sure you tie yourself off when you are higher than 6 feet off the ground to prevent a fall.

Enjoy: You will get a great sense of accomplishment when you build something with your own hands. After you are finished with your project, and you know everyone is safe and the project is built to code, sit back and enjoy what you have created. .

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