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Articles & Tips

A getaway for every day
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When it comes to the popular aesthetic of cedar siding, The Foundry is one siding... Read more
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Creating the perfect attic bedroom
If you need more space for a growing family, an attic bedroom is an ideal way to... Read more
  Eco-friendly solutions for updating your kitchen and bath
Tile offers supreme durability and a longer lifespan than most floor and wall coverings.... Read more
Fast fixes for foreclosed homes
In addition to making a foreclosed home look new again, completing these easy and ... Read more
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Five projects to take your home from cookie cutter to custom
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Garage doors can add history and style to a home
Homeowners often incorporate replicas of America's finest architectural designs... Read more
  Give your home a fresh look for spring
Spring cleaning has become a ritual in homes across America. But as families focus... Read more
Keeping your wood floor's natural shine
Wood floors are a beloved part of a home, and are also a great investment that can... Read more
  Luxury bathroom upgrades that are worth the investment
Few room renovations return as much on your investment - in terms of resale value... Read more
Make a home remodel work for you
The home remodeling industry is seeing an upswing, according to a Harvard University... Read more
  Money in the attic? How a simple project can lead to big savings
Most homeowners rarely venture up to their attics, but as winter approaches, many... Read more
Opening the window to federal remodeling tax credits
The tax credit for energy efficient replacement windows and doors, originally introduced... Read more
  Projects that reduce your energy bills
Home improvement projects can add to the look and comfort of your home, and help... Read more
Remodel 411: help for the remodeling-challenged
Thinking of remodeling but don't know where to start? Start your renovation by concentrating... Read more
  Seeing green through new energy efficient windows
Now that spring is here, many homeowners are thinking about remodeling projects... Read more
Selling your home? Easy improvements to attract buyers
Real estate pros often coach their clients on the value of making "curb appeal"... Read more
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Simple fixes that will make your kitchen feel brand new
When it comes to your kitchen, details make all the difference. It's often the most... Read more
  Steps that make building onto your home simpler and safer
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Stop home energy dollars from leaking out your walls
When building a new home, buyers are often aware of common heating and cooling problem... Read more
  Tax credit helps homeowners get relief from 'sweating' windows
There couldn't be a better time to replace those sweaty, unsightly windows. Under... Read more
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  The perfect season to design an eye-catching & comfortable kitchen
In the summer, most activity moves to the great outdoors. Porches, patios and decks... Read more
Three tips to make your utility meter run backward
Building methods have advanced greatly in recent years, saving energy without homeowners having... Read more
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The tax credit eligibility for qualified garage doors will expire on Dec. 31. Now... Read more
Winter-proof your home this fall for year-round benefits
After a summer of record-breaking temperatures across the country, you may be wondering... Read more
  You can do that with vinyl siding?
With the economy making a slow rebound, homeowners continue to look for cost-effective... Read more